Growth Milestones

Rolls spine to prone 4 months
Rolls prone to supine 5 months
Sits unsupported 7 months
Crawls 9 months
Pulls to standing9 months
Cruises10 months
Walk with 1 hand held12 months
Walks unaided 14 months
Walks upstairs, 2 feet to step 18 months
Jumps with 2 feet on spot18 months
Runs 2 years
Walks up and downstairs 2 years
2 feet to step holding rail 2 years
Pushes tricycle with feet 2.5 years
Throws a ball with 1 hand 2.5 years
Goes upstairs, 1 foot to step 3 years
Pedals tricycle 3.5 years
Hops on 1 foot 4 years
Goes up and down stairs, 1 foot to step 4 years
Skips on alternate feet 5 years

Holds rattle in hands 3 months
Brings hands together to midline 4 months
Reaches out to grasp objects 5 months
Transfers objects between hands 6 months
Pincer grasp 9 months
Looks for fallen objects 10 months
Casting objects 12 months
Releases objects on request 12 months
Tower of 2 bricks 15 months
Tower of 3-4 bricks 18 months
Scribbles 18 months
No more casting 18 months
Tower of 6 cubes 2 years
Imitates circular scribbles 2 years
Unscrews bottle tops 2 years
Imitates ine and circle 2.5 years
Tower of 9 cubes 3 years
Copies circle 3 years
Copies cross 4 years
Matches 4 colors 5 years
Copies square 5 years
Copies triangle 5.5 years

Social smile 6 weeks
Social response to family faces 3 months
Smiles at self in mirror5 months
Fear of strangers 6 months
Peek-a -boo 9 months
Finger foods 9 months
Waves bye bye 10 months
Drinks from cup with help 12 months
Co-operates in dressing 12 months
Holds and drink from cup 15 months
Indicates toilet needs 18 months
Spoons feeds self 18 months
Imitates housework 18 months
Takes off socks and gloves 18 months
Meaningful play with miniature toys 2.5 years
Eats with fork and spoon 3 years
Joins in play with other children 3 years
Toilets self 3.5 years
Dresses and undresses with min assistance 4 years
Dresses and undresses alone 5 years
Washes and dries hands and face 5 years

Vocalizes when spoken to 2 months
Turns to sounds at ear level 3 months
Vocalizes da and ma 6 months
Vocalizes dada and mama 9 months
Knows and turns to name 12 months
Comprehends single commands 12 months
Says 2-6 words with meaning 15 months
Uses 5-20 words 18 months
Points to 2 body parts 18 months
Follows 1 stage instructions 18 months
Uses 2-3 words phrases 2 years
Gives first name 2 years
Uses personal pronouns correctly 2.5 years
Knows full name 2.5 years
Counts to 10 3 years
Gives full name and sex 3 years
Gives full name, age sex and address 4 years
Intelligible speech 4 years
Gives birthday 5 years


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