Immunization - Hepatitis

Hepatitis or inflammation of liver is caused by multitude of viruses and bacteria. There are many types. While there are several types of hepatitis viruses, the one that's most prevalent is Hepatitis A virus, which usually spreads through contaminated food and water, unwashed and insufficiently cooked vegetables. Food which is well cooked but handled by infected or carrier individuals can also be a source of infection.

Patient affected by Hepatitis A virus can be aymptomatic or may have symptoms like jaundice (yellowness of eyes) , passing high coloured urine, lack of appetite, abdominal pain, extreme prostration (weakness), absenteeism from school/work for few days and worst possible scenario being liver failure.

It can easily be prevented by immunisation. This vaccine is given in 2 doses 6 months apart after 1st birthday and it has no side effects.

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